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July 15, 2014 by Holly

Today, I am wearing those 3D glasses that you get at the cinema with the lenses popped out, and my hair is in an extreme middle parting with a ponytail. I look a bit how you might imagine Chicken Little to be if he were human.

I was just questioning appearances earlier, and what they mean in terms of society. I feel like people as a whole are quite judgemental of outside aesthetics when they don’t know the person, and tend to make snap conclusions based on the 10 seconds or so that they saw the individual. For instance, you might label someone a geek because they’re wearing big glasses, or another person a punk because they have lots of piercings. I’m not sure I really identify with those stereotypes, purely because nobody ever fits the exact definition that the role requires, and it isn’t massively helpful when trying to get along with people. I’m not saying that I’m averse to making judgements, but then again, humans do that. What I do object to is someone putting me in a box simply because I look a certain way on the outside.

That’s all I really have to say on the matter right now.




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