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July 9, 2014 by Holly

Sometimes in life, it’s really important to appreciate the small things that make other people (or yourself), feel good. I’m generally not very good at this, but when something positive comes along, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t smile.

This message is prompted by the story of a US Pilot that is currently making headlines in the news. His flight got stranded because of thunder and lightning, so Gerhard Bradner ordered 50 pizzas for his 160 passengers so that they’d feel a little less sad as they waited for the storm to pass. How nice was that?

I’ve also got a list of happy things that I noted down on a Saturday a couple of weekends ago. They aren’t very big events, but they made me smile, and that’s really the point of this whole post.

1. Train Guy

This was probably a very small thing to the guy at the station, but I got a bit lost a couple of Saturdays ago and couldn’t work out where the platform for my train was. A helpful employee showed me where to go, which I really appreciated. I can’t work out if this is because the tube environment is often hostile around London, or just because he was nice, but it made the journey home a lot easier.

2. Army Lady

I was volunteering for something, which involved talking to members of the public, and whilst some weren’t interested, there was one woman who was both engaging and interesting. She was talking about experiences in the army, and it was just really great to have someone put their trust in me and open up.

3. Mickey Mouse Guy

I brought back a massive helium Mickey Mouse balloon for my brother, and I was standing in WH Smith at the train station when this american guy exclaimed: ‘Oh. My. God.’ very loudly behind me. He had thought the balloon was my head and went onto say, “I turned around and was like, oh my god, it’s Mickey. ” He then proceeded to walk out of the shop and the station going ‘He’s following us. He’s following us’.

4. Jane*

Just someone whose company I held for a day. Lovely to talk and chat to, and just generally really interesting and friendly.

5. Lift Incident

Myself and two other people got caught in torrential rain whilst waiting for friends, so spent five minutes going up and down in a lift to keep warm.

6. Band Offer

A friend offered me the opportunity to play trumpet in her band in the next couple of months. It was incredibly flattering, although it does mean I’m going to have to do some practice.

7. Noodles

There was this food truck and green curry sauce, and the noodles were really nice.

8. May*

This person also kept my company on the same day at a different time.

9. Tent Baby

On the same day that I was volunteering, this couple came into the show tent with their baby, and I kid you not, she was the cutest thing you have ever seen. Even the boys got doe-eyed – she had red hair and big, gorgeous blue eyes.

10. Train Baby

Same day, different baby. He was entranced by the balloon that I had. Also, he and his dad were practically the spitting-image of each other and it was adorable.

*Names changed for privacy purposes



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