Anti-Diary Part 2

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June 16, 2014 by Holly

I did have this whole piece on Made in Chelsea and social class and whatever planned out, but my computer blinked out while I was writing it and I couldn’t be bothered to redo.

Today was the day of a marked official piece that contributes to my overall history grade. All I have to say is that I finished, which is  a lot better than not finishing, but I did use an hour to write the first paragraph and then wrote the rest (Intro, 2 paragraphs and a conclusion) in 55 minutes which just goes to show I really need to plan my time better.

My friend was a little annoyed today because I forgot to bring in her copy of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, which I had put on my desk to bring in but had been so consumed by the history that I completely forgot. It’s not the end of the world, at any rate.

My Dad is currently away working, and we’re going to have pizza tonight. I feel like pizza gets mentioned far too many times in my blog, but I guess it’s an integrated part of life for a lot of teenagers in the UK (or at least, that’s the alibi I’m going with).  I made pizza paninis yesterday, which if you haven’t ever eaten them, is just a lazy way of making pizza, and involves smearing tomato paste on bread with varied results. The mini pizzas sported a variety of ingredients, including something which I thought was a chilli, but was actually just a long thin pepper. Also, spicy Pepperami.

One thing I really love about wordpress is the little smiley face at the end of every page. If you want to find the last page of the internet, it is at, so check it out whenever or whatever.

I’m pretty sure I have work to do for tomorrow, though at the moment I can’t really remember what it is. I have sat on my chair for too long so I am a bit numb.

That’s all I have to say for Monday.

Except for that there were these annoying Year 7s at lunch who wouldn’t get off the computers when they were simply playing games and I really needed them to look up something urgently for history. There was also this girl who had a really irritating cackly laugh that I could hear all the way from inside.

Now, that’s it.



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